Describe four incentive programs that can lead to ...

Describe four incentive programs that can lead to an improvement or a decline in the productivity of a public agency. Justify your choices (100 or more words)

Incentive program 1)

Incentive program 2)

Incentive program 3)

Incentive program 4)

Explain e-governance and assess its relationship to public administration (100 or more words)

Describe and analyze four strategies the city of Philadelphia has used to balance and manage the interests of its various stakeholders when planning for and implementing its Municipal Wireless Network (100 word or more)

Strategy 1)

Strategy 2)

Strategy 3)

Strategy 4)

Speculate: (100 words or more): In what ways does technology shape organizational structure?  Include specific, concrete examples as part of your response

Analyze the role ambiguity plays when there are conflicting policy goals 100 words

Explain how ambiguity helps promote policy making And  how goal ambiguity make policy design more difficult. 100 words

Take a position on the following and provide support for your position from the debate over the USA PATRIOT Act: Do you agree that greater security must come with less freedom.

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All references must be sited and original.

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